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Buckingham Palace will overhaul the opposition criticized the "price is too expensive" – Beijing, Beijing, November 20, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported on November 20th, the Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom due to lack of maintenance plan for up to 10 years of large-scale renovation since 2017, the total value of the cabinet 369 million pounds (about 3 billion 150 million yuan) renovation funds later, will be sent to the house of Commons approval. But the plan has caused the Labour Party and the Scotland National Party and other opposition parties opposed, believes that the current government exercised strict austerity, but the royal family "the use of a large amount of public money" refurbished palace, but the amount is the amount of the royal family released last year surged 1.5 fold. But the Royal Palace manager stressed that the renovation is necessary, otherwise the entire Buckingham Palace will face "catastrophic damage". China News Agency reporter Shen Chen photo " src=" cnsupload big 2015 4-426 8bcd8fbd43494b84b0fa4f99ef34d6b9.jpg" title=" data figure: Buckingham Palace, London, England. China News Agency reporter Shen Chen photo " > data figure: Buckingham Palace, London, england. China News Agency reporter Shen Chen, according to reports, the Buckingham Palace was founded in 1703, although several hundred years has expanded decoration, but since the great restoration since the war, it has not been refurbished. This project is mainly to replace the 60 year history of the 160 km long line, 48 km long pipe, 6500 sockets, 5000 lamps, 2500 heating systems, 535 sanitary equipment, but also to resurfacing 323 thousand square feet of floor, the equivalent of 3.5 standard pitch size. The 4 side rooms in the house need to be renovated and installed on the roof. Renovation grants will come to pay, by raising funds every year the royal way at present, the British Treasury each year will benefit 15% set aside for the royal royal official spending the next 10 years, the ratio will rise to 25%, by about 40 million pounds to 70 million pounds. The royal family stressed that the renovation can extend the life of Buckingham Palace for 50 years. Data figure: Buckingham Palace, London, held a retrospective exhibition of Queen’s clothing. According to the Buckingham Palace last year proposed renovation program, the whole project needs about 150 million pounds, and suggested that the queen moved out during renovation. However, under the new plan, the cost of renovation increased, the queen will continue to live in Buckingham Palace, the royal family said it would allow Buckingham Palace to continue to hold various activities, more cost-effective. Royal sources said that last year’s amount did not assess the need for further renovation, there is no consideration of inflation and other factors, only a preliminary estimate.相关的主题文章: