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[bloom] delicate delicious taste buds — steamed meatloaf dace – Sohu to eat and drink and eat my dace slip, every time back to Guangdong will buy some snack on the back to Suzhou. The dace slip, was bought in Hongkong, joining letinous edodes and small shrimp, taste more delicious. General dace cake is fried, but in the autumn day popular fried stuff is easy to get angry, so ah, farming heart for steaming, oh oh, steamed meat really is not worse than the dace fried Oh, very delicious. Dace is a health care function of the fish, the consumption rate is relatively high, but also can supplement rich in protein and nutrients to promote growth and development, has a very good effect of spleen and stomach. Dace is delicious, but the fishbone, is usually made of fish or canned food, "is a common fermented black bean dace" dace canned food. Tips: cooked dace, cannot put ginger. Ginger will make dace produce musty, can put a little to mention fresh orange peel. [ingredients] [accessories] dace slip 350g olive oil, soy sauce, chicken powder, the amount of [] 1 steps Figure 2 ingredients amount of chicken powder, powder addition with fish, mix 3 4 into the pot lid, stir steam for 10 minutes remove from heat 5 heat 6 with boiling oil poured on 7 8 soy sauce served相关的主题文章: