BlizzCon tournament Korean all three titles — Sina hearthstone area wharfedale

BlizzCon tournament Korean all three titles — Sina hearthstone area 2016 annual BlizzCon has ended, from around the world top teams in this arena from the high. The biggest winner is the harvest of the "vanguard", "storm heroes" and "StarCraft 2" champion of the South Koreans in the "three". "On behalf of" hearthstone top level in their respective countries "national champion", after two days of competition, and ultimately by the Russian player Pavel won the championship. 8 season, two players from the Chinese followers of the light "Shi Lang and ham Jasonzhou unfortunately in a civil war, regardless of who wins will have a China player is eliminated. The final promotion of Jasonzhou was defeated by Pavel in the subsequent semi-final. "Watch pioneer" This blizzard carnival is not the form of the club to play, but by the players vote for the most popular players to form a new team on behalf of the state to participate in the game. Always dare to dare to play the Korean in the blizzard Carnival "watch pioneer" on the stage to win the championship. In this game, the South Korean team took out a lot of non mainstream lineup, such as Anna’s single milk defensive lineup. Not only get out, but with good, people have admiration of their competitive level. APAC international tournament has learned at home and abroad, the strength of the gap between the Chinese team into the quarterfinals after losing one of the favorites of the Swedish team.   "storm hero" "DOTA2" and "hero alliance" light under the storm "hero" in the country has been tepid, from eStar Gaming China Corps unfortunately failed to boarded the Blizzcon stage, group phase failed to qualify missed the playoffs. The main stage knockout can be referred to as the confrontation between Europe and the United States, the European Fnatic team and the Dignitas team against South Korea’s MVP team and Ballistix team, the final champion is the Bllistix team from South korea.   "StarCraft 2" and the "storm hero" similar fate, perhaps by the "StarCraft" consumed curiosity, or Chinese players do not like this type of game. Blizzard Carnival "StarCraft 2" stage without the Chinese figure. Different from the domestic scene, South Koreans on the "StarCraft 2" seems fond of the South Korean team in the civil war, has staged "Heroes union" in the S6 finals, South Koreans and the Blizzcon "StarCraft 2" finals into a civil war, eventually won the title by ByuN.   World of Warcraft arena is different from the traditional e-sports, World of Warcraft arena team did not even rank on the GOSU. The domestic game player seem to prefer to PVE instead of PVP, in this depressed environment, China team ultimately failed to qualify in the group phase. The final champion is the United States Splyce. Sina’s statement: posted this article.相关的主题文章: