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Business Having great content is just not enough to make a website show up in the search engines. While promoting a web site, backlinks (the links from other sites leading to your site) are very crucial. One of the ways to get backlinks is .menting on blogs having similar content or subject as your own website. In a blog, every .ment typically carries the link to your website which doesn’t even require you to log in and leave a .ment which makes this whole blogging process a great experience. One of the negative aspects associated with blog .menting is the fact that most of the blog software tag the .ment link as "nofollow". The "nofollow" .mand literally means don’t follow as it tells the search engines no to follow those .ment links. The nofollow .mand is an attempt to reduce the blog .ment spam which the blogs have been receiving in abundance lately. The nofollow .mand prevents the spammers from earning PageRank points which they earn easily by flooding the blogs with .ments. Although, it helps prevention from spammers but it also leads to penalization of the honest .menter who has no intensions of spamming. To oppose this rise of the nofollow tag, the "dofollow movement" came into existence. The dofollow tag enables the bloggers to manually manage their blog .ments where they can easily remove the nofollow tag. It is quite a difficult job to find the dofollow blogs as they are very rare because most of the blogs are nofollow. But once you find out a dofollow blog, you need to spend a lot of time in .menting on the dofollow blogs to promote your website. To solve the problem of finding the dofollow blogs, a lot of dofollow search engines have been established. If you find a good post, you must leave a thought provoking .ment so that you can get an approval to earn a dofollow link. One of the major benefits if dofollow blog .menting services is that it gives an opportunity for building links, as it a cost effective and a very easy method. Dofollow blog .menting services provide SEO benefits. Along with providing immediate search engine ranking benefits like dropping .ments on the dofollow blog, it also provides a lot of long term benefits wherein it enables you to leave thought provoking .ments and help you connect with the millions of bloggers and enable to build your links directly. Indeed it is a great link building strategy. As a blogger’s time is equivalent to his money, make sure that you invest your time wisely in .menting on a dofollow blog. In fact, don’t just .ment on a dofollow blog, .ment both on the dofollow as the nofollow blog as it is more important to .ment on the blogs that are similar in content to your website rather than thinking about which one is a dofollow or a nofollow. .menting on a dofollow blog offers a lot of SEO benefits but it is quite time consuming. So leave your .ments according to the needs of your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: