Beijing International Studies University held the first traditional cultural festival – calligraphy

Beijing International Studies University first traditional cultural festival held, calligraphy and painting —   in Beijing in October 14,;     international talents to develop a "China heart", inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, the school invited calligrapher, visiting professor, tutor of foreign alumni held "fan boat Oncidium ink" alumni fan Zhou calligraphy exhibition and alumni lecture series of Fan Zhou classroom activities, to attend the tenth session of the "Lanting Pavilion Cup" painting and calligraphy contest started the first ceremony of Beijing International Studies University of traditional culture festival opening ceremony. Fan Zhou alumni was born in Inner Mongolia, graduated from the Beijing International Studies University, his childhood love of calligraphy, literature and music, since many years studying many famous classical Han Jin and steles literature, in Zhang Zhi, Zhang Xu, Huai Su cursive, Erwang et al character as a standard form, learn widely from others’strong points of the unique style in calligraphy is called "new literati calligraphy". Opening time: October 14th 14:00 – 17:00 exhibition time: October 14th — October 20th Venue: Beijing International Studies University library hall, competing first Hall (Lecture) ( : Lu Jing, commissioning editor Dong Zilong)相关的主题文章: