A Street Racing Festival Could Be Just The Excuse One Needs To Indulge In Overnight Camping In Dubai-ca1871

Outdoors Street Racing as popularized by the high-revving Fast and the Furious franchise from Hollywood is much more than gangs and groups. The world over, a race event is not restricted to a bunch of motor heads competing against each other on a stretch of tarmac. Each event offers the opportunity for motoring enthusiasts to come together and share their collective experience for the betterment of the larger community out there. While specialty events that serve as a showcase for one or two particular forms of motorsports are still the norm, there is nascent demand being detected for events that involve multiple forms or motorsports being held at the same venue. Such events create a rather carnival like atmosphere that serves to attract people from six to sixty and try to ensure that everyone is well entertained. The Dubai Chase Street Racing Festival is one such event that is creating quite a buzz for itself. Throwing itself open to all those who wish to come view some high-revving motoring action, the festival shall kick off from the Dubai Autodrome, Motorcity, on Friday, the 27th of April. It aims to offer a safe environment for all the high-octane moves to be executed in a more controlled manner. This way, both racers and enthusiasts can rev out to their hearts content without causing any harm to either society or the environment in general. Those interested in participating at this blockbuster event are requested to be present for the registrations that shall be open from 4 pm to 6 pm. Needless to say, a functional set of wheels and competition worthy equipment are a must for those wishing to successfully register for the event. Star Attractions expected at the event are the drift racers battling it out for round seven of the DRIFT UAE Challenge. There is also a 350Mtr. Drag strip where vehicles from categories like cars. 4*4 vehicles and two-wheelers are expected to emerge as winners in the race to out-run the competition. Fans shall also be following the 6th round of the UAE AutoX Championship that is organized by the Emirates Motor Sports Federation (EMSF). Besides these, theres a stunt biking showcase, a race event for Remote Controlled miniatures together with a tuners meet. Those enamored by the sounds that keep them company while in their cars can feast themselves on the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) organized competition, to uncover the SPL & SQ Champs at the event. Talented artists including live bands, DJs belting out the latest tunes and graffiti guys who confess to being guided by the writing on the wall, all seem to be joining the party on Friday. Buffets and Kiosks are to be on site, to help quench those dried up throats after having witnessed the stunning performances. If thats not enough, there are going to be opportunities galore for bravehearts willing to handle the trip to the redline with the many Hot Laps & Passenger Rides available at the event. Those gathering for the Dubai Chase Street Racing Festival shall have the perfect excuse to indulge in some overnight camping in Dubai and head out into the desert sands on a quad bike or two to witness the sunrise. Time then, for all those in favor to, rev their engines! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: