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26 billion: 20 shares of the main funds funds for key attack 11 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Financial News on September 29th news, the stock index around 3000 points to start all day long weak shocks, the volume of the downturn, coal, petroleum, brokerage and other weight stocks started to support. According to statistics, the two cities traded in the top 20 stocks were over 800 million. Among them, China Vanke A turnover of more than 3 billion 300 million yuan at the top of the list, the other top ten stocks are: Dongxu optoelectronics, the Pacific, Zhejiang East, the state securities, Santai holdings, GREE electric, the world science and technology, Meiyan auspicious, CITIC securities. Statistics show that TOP20 stock turnover of nearly 26 billion, more than two of the turnover of 8%. According to sina finance leve2 flow chart shows that there are 20 stocks in the stock showed the main outflow of funds in the stock of 9. Among them, Dongxu photoelectric main net outflow of funds of more than 300 million, prosper optoelectronics, CITIC Guoan main funds net outflow of more than 100 million, GREE electric, world technology, good luck, Meiyan Shanxi three main net outflow of funds has reached 10 million. In addition, there are 11 stocks showed a net inflow of capital funds, including common shares, Vanke A main net inflows of over 400 million, Netac smart, Pacific, HTC new material the main net inflows of more than 100 million, the net inflow of Zhejiang East, the state securities, Santai holdings, Nord shares, Wuchang fish, Shandong mine main funds reached the tens of millions. The query and understanding of the hands of the stocks of capital flows, monitor trends in the main funds, may be concerned about the Sina level2 daily (as low as 0.82 yuan, you can enjoy Sina A Level2 stock market, real time reveals the main trends in funding to help you tazhun rhythm in the transaction. Click to view details). In September 29th two, turnover ranked TOP20 code name price (%) price (yuan) turnover (million) the main flow of funds accounted for the main sz000002 0.74 25.99 488 million yuan Vanke A 14.75% sz000413 -2.17 14.44 -3.05 Dongxu photoelectric billion -12.69% sh601099 Pacific 4.68 4.92 205 million yuan sh600113 9.48% 4.41 17.98 2.40% 29 million 952 thousand yuan Zhejiang East sz000728 state securities 2.14 20.55 14 million 822 thousand and 400 yuan 1.20% sz002312 3.77 12.11 73 million 630 thousand and 600 6.05% yuan Suntech Holdings sz000651 GREE -0.27 21.84 -7373.16 million -6.31% sz300522 world technology -1.79 124.43 -7355.83 million -6.65% sh600868 -2.45 -374 on the 5.18 auspicious Meiyan相关的主题文章: