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2016 Lasker special contribution award winner Bruce Albert: the proteins from the machine to the head of the American Academy of science and technology – Sohu Albert Lasker basic medical research award is a biomedical field next to the Nobel prize, recognizes the medicine to make outstanding contributions to the field of scientists, doctors and public service personnel, known as the "Nobel benchmark". The special contribution award this year was awarded the Lasker Award of the University of Calif San Francisco Bruce M. Alberts, in recognition of their outstanding discovery in DNA replication and protein biochemical research. The author *Peter Walter Keith, R. Yamamoto, Li Juan Li Juan, Jia Xiaofang translation proofreading of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) launched by Abraham Lincoln, aims to provide scientific suggestions for the government affairs, before 2005 has 19 outstanding leader. In 2005, Bruce Albert at the National Academy of Sciences, the two term of office expires, his portrait was unveiled. In the painting, Bruce Albert wore a tie with a smiley face and smiled warmly. Is the so-called apictureisworthathousandwords, we can see that the portrait was suggested to Bruce implementation of management strategies: Academy of Sciences mission at ease, this point may make people ignore him 12 years hard and achieved extraordinary achievement. Bruce occupation career has a major impact on the United States National Science Policy and education, so he won the highest honor of the American Science — 2016 · Lasker Koshland medical special contribution award. Specifically, he was "in DNA replication and protein biochemistry has made an important discovery; visionary leading domestic and international scientific organizations to improve people’s lives; and full of enthusiasm to promote education reform in science and mathematics and honor. Before this, President Obama Bruce in 2014 awarded the National Medal of science, seems to indicate that this year the judges decided to lasker. Currently, Bruce holds the chair of science and education at the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Calif San Francisco. A few years ago, Bruce, a freshman at Harvard University, read John Moore’s 1957 textbook, zoological principles. This book describes the concept of biology is a special way, and then need to memorize the knowledge points (such as the metabolic pathway of proper nouns, recite the species or body parts in detail and so on) science teaching routine is different, its broad thinking, full of wisdom, seem to give life to science. Inspired by this, Bruce in his PhD in the very groundbreaking model to study the initiation mechanism of DNA replication, but this model is too narrow, he could not get the expected evidence, the defense committee refused to grant him a doctorate, which makes him aware of deficiencies, and delayed in University of Geneva the bo!相关的主题文章: